What inspired Wellbeing 4 Kids……..

It is hard to pin point one specific reason as to what inspired me to start Wellbeing 4 Kids.

More a combination of many reasons. 

  • Firstly to  show my children that  life is a never ending road of possibilities and it’s never too late to follow your dream even if all you have to start with is a dot.
  • The desire to continue to educate myself and grow as an individual learning and evolving  personally and professionally and becoming the best me I can. 
  • To share, give back and connect to 1000’s of children  by inspiring them to make a difference and brighten the world from the inside out.

For over 30 years  I have worked with children teaching dance  in both private dance studios and in primary schools.  I first tried  yoga when I was 6 months pregnant with my eldest son (now 25) it wasn’t the right time for me then ,but  I rediscovered it a few years later  and now it has become my new addiction . 

Immediately I noticed changes happening to my body  from the inside and out.  If only I had become more committed earlier,  I could see and feel how it would have benefited me and as for my 3 sporty sons well if only……

The Ultimate Would Be To Teach To Children

I knew that I wanted to learn more and  the ultimate would be to teach  it , but not to adults,  it needed to start much earlier than that and if I was going to make a bigger impact then I  knew that my work had to be with children.   The more children I reached the more people become educated on the importance of good health and wellbeing.   Working with education in schools was always my priority and Wellbeing 4 Kids  “Unstoppable Me In school  health and wellbeing program (K – 6),  is now linked to the Curriculum and spreading the word across many Perth schools.

Initially, I spent lots of time researching the different styles of yoga and how they could be adapted for children so that they would feel the same outcome as I did as an adult.  But of course teaching kids  is nothing like teaching adults.   You want the same outcome  but the process is very different.  It has to be fast and fun and with so much magic happening on the inside it has to be presented in a language that is going to be understood.  Kids love to learn so educating  them about their body, what is happening and why, was the best place to start.  With thanks from the universe I discovered  yoga therapy corrective exercises and together with my dance  and beauty therapist backgrounds  my journey as a health and wellbeing children’s specialist began.   

As soon as I started teaching the results were immediate and I could see that  the  Yoga therapy corrective exercises could make a real difference to a child’s life.  Put that together with a healthy diet and essential oils and you have an amazing combination.


ADHD, Obesity, Allergies, Digestive Issues

Since  I starting my journey with Wellbeing 4 Kids, I have seen and experienced firsthand the difference yoga can make  for children and teens especially those with  ADHD, obesity, depression, poor posture, asthma, allergies, digestive issues, back issues and stress and anxiety.

Yoga therapy corrective exercises   fix the cause rather than just the symptom. All exercises are connected to internal organs , meridian lines and work on improving body functioning.

It has been a privilege working with children at

  • Primary Schools and High Schools – “Unstoppable Me program”
  • After school classes in Leeming ; Junior, Tween, Teen Girls and Teen Boys
  • Sporting Clubs – junior and elite levels, in  all sporting codes
  • Holiday Workshops – with Serenity Essential Oils
  • 1 on 1

When you combine Yoga Therapy, Breathing and Relaxation Exercises,  Essential Oils  and a healthy diet and a good night sleep you will get calm, happy, focused, resilient, confident, respectful children and teens.  If only I had known this when my three beautiful boys were young.

Three years on my mission stands strong…

“Making a Difference by Inspiring 1000’s of Children to Brighten the World From The Inside Out.”

AT W4K every child will learn to;

  • Develop physical strength and flexibility
  • Learn how to deal with stress, anxiety and nervousness
  • Boost levels of attention and focus
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Learn to reduce negative behavior resulting from anger and frustration
  • Learn to sleep better
  • Harmonise the body and boost happiness levels

Linda Bancroft

Wellbeing 4 Kids