A Collective Of  Wellness Professionals To Inspire and Empower Well-being

Serenity Wellness Collective is vision of mine to bring together wellness professionals that are passionate about natural health and invite them to share their knowledge and services with my community.

Using essential oils to support and enhance my health is only part of my wellbeing plan, incorporating other areas and practices such as yoga, meditation and clean eating is also very important to me.

I feel it is imperative to look at all areas of natural health in order to support your body and mind. Throughout my own journey to natural health I have met some amazing people in the wellness industry who have encouraged and inspired me to consider other practices. Through Serenity Wellness Collective it is my intention to create a community  of wellness practioners that can share their knowledge and passion and encourage individuals to also consider all areas of health.

Stephanie Johnson

SJ Wellness

Steph is a beautiful soul who introduced me to the benefits of both yoga and meditation in 2017. I am eternally grateful to have met Steph and had the absolute pleasure of running some beautiful One Day Retreats with her for my community. It is my wish for others to experience and realise the powerful health benefits of these two practices.


Steph Johnson worked in the corporate environment for 5 years and is a 500 hour Senior Tamara Yoga ISHTA teacher. She is also the previous Managing Partner of COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Perth; the 6 star international wellness offering of COMO Hotels. As Managing Partner and resident Yoga teacher, she was the primary contact for international relations aswell as the key wellness liaison for both the State Buildings and COMO hotel. She successfully managed a team of 10 staff and introduced a niche wellness offering to the Perth market.

Her time in the corporate environment was cut short due to unmanageable states of stress and anxiety. In 2016 she hit burn-out which saw her bed ridden for 10 months and unable to socialise, connect or leave the house. From that experience she had to find a way out and from there embarked on a journey of self-discovery to find tools that would effectively allow her to fulfil her passion. Steph is passionate about creating environments for people in which they can thrive. Born were her corporate packages.

Steph’s corporate packages have been strategically designed based on her own personal experience and case studies of past employees & organisations. She believes that if employees are harnessed with the right tools, they can effectively navigate and face the increasing demands of the corporate environment. In turrn organisations can benefit from reduced employee turnover and improve job satisfaction.She has been teaching Yoga & meditation for 5 years and is extremely passionate about mental health..

For further information about Steph SJWellness

Lisa Clegg

Eden & Wild Wellness

I had the privilege of meeting Lisa originally through her pop up cafe Eden And wild where she served the most delicious and nourishing Ayurvedic inspired food. Moving on from the cafe Lisa has recently established Eden & Wild Wellness which I am very excited to be a part of this new integrated approach to wellness in Claremont. 

How I work

I use ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and yoga to transform your health. I work with you to push through whatever is stopping you from living the life you crave. All of my work is grounded in honouring your body, because if that isn’t working, nothing else is. And your body and mind go hand-in-hand; you thrive when these two are on the same page.

I use psychology and mindfulness practices to power up your children.

I weave all of this together, sprinkle on the latest in leadership development thinking, add my own brand of magic and bring it to your teens now, to prepare them to accomplish all they dream about.

And I don’t stop there. I want to discover all that I am capable of and give more than I believe to be possible. This is my journey too.

It boils down to this …

I help people feel better. I’m the go-to person to come away feeling better about whatever is going on in your life. When I look at you, I see how amazing you are. I want you to see yourself through my eyes.

Feel Better. Do Better. Be Better.

When this happens, everything is possible.To book an appointment or for more information Eden & Wild Wellness

Linda Bancroft

I met Linda in 2017 through mutual interests in supporting our children. I was immediately drawn to Linda’s beautiful nature and her passion for supporting young children. I have had the pleasure of running several workshops and events with Linda for teenagers and have seen first hand the positive effect her work has for our children. I would love for all children to have the opportunity to be introduced to Linda’s vision.


“Making a difference by inspiring a child to brighten the world from the inside out”

Offering a specialised children wellness programs

Kindy to Year 12

Confidence, Resilience, Focus, Respect, Teamwork, Happiness

After graduating from the WA Academy of Performing Arts Linda’s passion to make a difference with children began as a Dance specialist teacher. 

Initially as Principal of the Linda Benbow Academy of Dance where she instructed students in the fields of; classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, Spanish, pilates, hip hop and acrobatic styles. Currently she works as an Edu-Dance instructor teaching K – 6 students in the public and private education systems.

Now with over 35 years teaching experience behind her Linda is very excited to be launching Wellbeing 4 Kids.

Life’s experiences as a mother of three busy, very active  high achieving sport minded sons, have been her inspiration,  “Children place great expectations on themselves now a days and by sharing the W4K program I hope to be able to improve a child’s learning whilst supporting their health and wellbeing as they strive to become the best they can be” says Linda.

In more recent years Linda has further developed her knowledge and skills for W4K by her studies from the world’s leading expert in children’s Yoga Loraine Rushton, Zenergy Yoga.

For workshops and further information on  Wellbeing 4 kids