As a busy working mum of 2 I get very little time to myself and when I heard about Narelle’s meditation classes I thought I would give them a try for myself.  Wow, what an amazing experience to be able to take time for myself and totally relax in a friendly, comfortable environment.  I continue to book myself in every fortnight for my little piece of heaven.

If you ever wanted to give it a go, I would highly recommend you do 

Kristy Borg

“I first saw that Narelle was hosting mediation classes on Instagram & was drawn to the beautiful setting, so of course I had to book in for the next class & see what it was all about ….I’ve been to other mediation classes before but this was something quite unique. The small intimate class was quiet & cosy and the mood was set as soon as you walked in…Listening to Narelle’s voice was such a treat as she guided us through the mediation and also the different poses for each, something I really enjoyed as no other class I’d attended elsewhere had done this. To then be slowing woken from your mediation to a hot cup of herbal tea & homemade chocolate treat was just the perfect ending to such a wonderful experience.As you have probably guessed, I’m not addicted and attend always!”

Dianna Monastra

“I have been truly blessed and lucky to have been able to attend Narelle’s meditation classes. I have been a number of times and I thoroughly enjoy her meditation evenings. I love the way she runs her meditation as she begins with a seated meditation, followed by restorative yoga poses and ending with a shavasana pose (laying down) meditation. You really do not need to know anything about meditation or yoga as Narelle explains exactly what to do. Narelle leads her meditation beautifully, with a beautiful, gentle, soothing voice, using soft music and a chant as well. You definitely feel at peace, blissful and relaxed at the end of the meditation session. Her meditations are truly special and you walk away feeling special. I highly recommend Narelle’s meditation evenings. I’m so grateful that she runs these evenings and very grateful and blessed that I can attend them and enjoy them immensely. Thank you beautiful Narelle”

Lisa Iannello

“I’ve been using EO for almost 2 years now and in that time, I have converted my whole wellbeing and daily tasks around using the oils which have, in turn, elevated my life.I started introducing EO into my emotional wellness when I was 4 months pregnant and carried single oils and blends along my journey into motherhood. My little boy is often referred to as the “oily baby” as I used the oils to help with colic, reflux, teething and encouraging great sleep habits. I have used Narelle’s workshops (not only to get out of the house and get creative) to further convert other aspects of my life such as skin care and eco friendly cleaning. This has meant that I am able to clean all surfaces naturally without worrying about harmful chemicals in my home and around my baby. By using the oils on my skin, I have received the external and internal benefits to which my body now craves.”


“I was first introduced to Doterra oils by a trusted friend a couple of years ago when I was experiencing some issues with my sleep and emotional well-being. Whilst I loved the concept of embracing a natural therapy, I had very little experience or understanding of which oils would be particularly beneficial. Then along came the beautiful Narelle! She took the time to genuinely listen to my concerns and gently guided me into the magical and life changing world of oils! Narelle combines her extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the oils with her beautifully compassionate and gentle nature to provide her clients with a complete, individually tailored experience. I cannot thank her enough for the continued support, care and compassion she offers me. Narelle is really one of those people whom I can genuinely say has changed my life for the better! Thank you, Narelle.”

Melinda Marston

“I originally came to Narelle’s workshop with the intent of hoping to make my house smell nice, and to purchase some oils to use in cooking! I left my first workshop hooked, as I realised these beautiful oils were different to anything I’ve ever smelt before. Not only did I get what I came for, but Narelle opened my eyes into the possibilities that existed to create a cleaner, lower-tox household for my family. Nowadays we use them for everything from supporting us and the kids to feel rested to support happy bedtimes, to supporting our bodies to ward off nasty winter threats. I also now look after myself better by using my collection to create natural ‘pure-fumes’ that smell beautiful but also help me to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of joy/exhaustion that is being a Mum to three little girls.

Narelle has supported my family’s needs when building my doterra collection, and is a wealth of information related to how different oils can support different needs, but also how to easily incorporate them into my busy day. She is a calm and wonderful presence and I have felt so supported by her for nearly 3 years now.
More recently Narelle has supported me as I work to slowly build up my own little oily community. She has provided me with ideas and resources for how to support others- in the same way that she helped me.”
Melissa Kelly

“I have never been a good sleeper and it has gotten worst since the kids came along. When my GP suggested that I take sleeping pills, I started looking into a more natural alternative.

I found Narelle’s website on FB 2 years ago, went to her introduction to Essential Oils workshop and haven’t looked back since. I have learned so much from her attending her workshops and am still learning more about the amazing benefits of incorporating essential oils in our everyday life.
Now my whole family will go to our essential oil box before reaching for the medicine cabinet.
My daughter will reach for lavender EO if she has mozzie bites. Our kids apply the flu bomb blend on their neck and wrists before they leave for school. We all have our own sleep blends.
Thank you Narelle for introducing me to Doterra and sharing your knowledge so generously.”
Elly Thio Nevin


“I first met Narelle at an Essentials Oil morning tea in March 2017 and was immediately drawn to her calm manner and obvious knowledge about how to get the best out of using essential oils.As a mum of two boys – one with ADHD and one with trauma in his childhood – I really connected with Narelle’s own stories of how Essential Oils had made such a positive difference in her children and her family’s life. It was very clear that Narelle wanted to share her learnings and help other mum’s bring some calm to their houses too I started using doTERRA essential oils immediately after meeting Narelle and have done so daily ever since. Our whole family is converted and love the benefits of using oils in all ways – diffusing, applying on our skin and using in our cooking!Narelle is an amazingly generous support person and is always more than happy to help me with any aspects of using doTERRA products. I also sell doTERRA via my own business and Narelle has been really supportive in helping me with ideas and giving me the confidence to take new steps in my business.I would highly recommend Narelle as your ‘go-to’ person for anything related to doTERRA essential oils.”

Robyn – Mum of 2, Manning WA.